Second direct to
media machine

Due to high demand we have purchased our second direct to media machine, the Arizona 550 GT offers exceptional print quality onto any material less than 48mm thick with white ink option, coupled with another Zund flat bed cutter, router and scorer for POS cardboard engineering Verve can offer the highest quality at the most cost effective price for a variety of all graphics projects.
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Large format prints
To compliment the direct to media purchases Verve has invested in 5m wide printing capabilities and finishing, this brings our printing plant list to 13 pieces of kit now, all bespoke to suit every possible requirement, Verve really does have everything you will need under 1 roof and a rather large 18500 sq ft floor!
printer cartridge
Supplying artwork...

In order to get the best possible result from your pop up display stand, banner stand or modular exhibition display stand, there are a few guidelines to follow when creating your artwork.

1. Save colours as CMYK
Our wide format ink-jet printers all use CMYK colour to output. If your design work includes Pantones, RGB colours or Duotones we strongly recommend converting these colours to CMYK for optimum results and colour matching. It is advisable to clearly mention on a layout all pantones or other colours you want us to match to.

2. Document Sizes & Resolutions
We suggest setting your artwork at the following sizes and minimum resolutions
100% size at 150dpi
50% size at 300dpi
25% size at 600dpi

3. Fonts
Please either include or embed all fonts when sending your artwork. In the case of TIFF or JPEG files fonts will not be required

4. Scans
All your scans should be high resolution and saved as CMYK colour. If possible we suggest keeping scans to a minimum of 150dpi-finished size. If you are supplying artwork, we can accept hard copy for scanning from original photographs (up to A3), negatives, transparencies or 35mm slides.

5. Proofs
If supplying your own popup display artwork we suggest sending either a hard copy colour proof or an Adobe PDF with your artwork. If you choose to use us for your design preparation we will supply proofs either by hard copy or via email as an Adobe PDF document.
If you require a set of reduced size colour proofs before we run to print we can organise this at a small cost.

Should you require any more information with regards to this or any other service we offer, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our sales or design team.

Upload to idisk

iDisk enables you as a client, to store any files needed for our use. There is a limited space of 1GB. With iDisk, clients can upload images and other related documents on to Verve Display's public folder. We can then transfer these file/s onto our system.

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